A Rubber Band of Feelings

rubber band

Darkness surrenders
to the pain held within.

frustration suppressed.

Inside my mind
you would be lucky to find
sanity, truth or inspiration at best.

Just another misfit
walking all alone.

I’m not perfect or plastic,
but somehow elastic,
to these feelings peeling at me.

                                           – Rhonda Farabee

The Strenuous Heartbeat

I wish someone would have told me

the things I never knew.

The misheard whispers of the hurt,

and the happiness of few.

Somewhere in the mix of things

my drink was surely served.

Forced down my throat which

caused my wheel of life to swerve.

No one ever told me,

that this is where I’d be.

Struggling to understand

this harsh reality.

When does hiding the truth

become more so a lie?

The gun is still pointing,

you’re just a few bullets shy.

I get the hint.

It hurts just the same.

No matter what I say

the bad still remains.

One more bullet,

the same exact gun.

It’s like Russian roulette,

the tragedy has begun.

                                                   – Rhonda Farabee

Past and Present Reflection

I often feel sad

When I think about the past.

And all the friendships

I lost along the way.

The years flew by

Like seconds in time

And yesterday is now today.

Walking this road

Thats always unknown

Where did everyone go?

Some stayed the same

While others have changed

And some I still don’t know

It’s scary to feel

That all of this is real

And those memories

Are beginning to fade.

Those people I cherished

Have all seem to perish

But I guess thats the trade I made.

Highschool for college,

Gaining new knowledge

Of how to let go of the past

Looking backwards

To the contributing factors

I realize it happened too fast

— Rhonda Farabee


Designated Resonance

Constantly fighting

To extinguish this fire igniting.

My anger is restraining

All of these thoughts pertaining,

To this.

Take a left or make a right?

 Stay in the dark or head for the light?

The channel is turning

The flame is burning.

For this.

Circles follow me everywhere I go.

In my mind, in my head, in everything I know.

Confusion has struck

I ran out of luck.

In this.

                                                           – Rhonda Farabee

A Bit of Dark Poetry


Wasting the hour like an ash in the wind.
Blowing through life without a purpose to live.
Some days are crooked and other days are curved.
Some weeks are focused, others are blurred.
Walking on life while the graves waste away.
Retired, undesired boxes of decay.
The hopeless and restless squeeze between the boards
While darkness and mystery pour in by the hoards.
All I can say is “continue to breathe”
Because without darkness, light can’t be retrieved.
Just hang on tight and I’ll survive for us both
With enough love you have no choice but to float.
Things can only go up when your so far down
Even if your panicking six feet underground.
I can hear you digging. I can hear you scream.
But the only place I can save you is within my dream.
Only you can reach the light.
You say a fighter,
I say a knight.
Just remember in most stories
Everything turns out alright.

    – Rhonda Farabee

A Bit of Distasteful Poetry

some people just need

To the Ex Who Lost His Balls Along the Way
By: Rhonda Farabee

     Trust is always an issue. Once again I grab a tissue and wipe the stains of the pain which remind me that I miss you. I cry so hard that my cheeks are scarred, but I always have a friend in Jack Daniels. My heart can’t handle this melting candle that’s always fighting reigniting; always burning out and then relighting. Burning my flesh with every caress of this hateful flame.

Lies cause pain that’s self-inflicted. You kicked me out because your new bitch got evicted. And now you feel conflicted since your girl wasn’t exactly who you predicted.I had four years invested, four years that I protested my love for you. With your disrespect and what now is regret you left me blind from the hindsight of lies to disguise who you really are. Another drunk in a bar with a beer bottle scar. I trace it back to the fact that you lost your balls along the way.

Only a player can play the game. Displacing the blame to hide your shame for the reputation that follows your name. I should have known about your lack of a backbone. Coming home with empty eyes. I realize the true meaning of loves demise. I kept trying to revive it, but it faded too fast. Now it’s just a memory of my past and a reminder that true love never lasts.