One Step Closer to Restoring Faith In Humanity

The Positive Vibe

Every once in a while, I have these seemingly crazy daydreams. I remember walking home from school or sitting by the window on the bus, and these “scenarios” would pop into my head.

“What would I do if…?”

What would I do if I saw an accident on the freeway? Would I stop to help even if the scene of the accident was dangerous? What would I do if I saw someone flagging down help? What would I do if I saw someone in danger? Would I risk my own life to save a stranger?

Most of us would like to think that we would do the right thing, but it’s easy to talk ourselves out of it. We live in cynical times. “Surely someone else called 911 by now. It’s too dangerous to stop in the middle of the freeway. ” “I always hear stories about people who stopped to…

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I Took a Chance and Rolled the Dice

It’s all that we would play.
We took a chance and rolled the dice.
Now we’re in this game of LIFE.

Time, time, time…
The past few years
Seemed pure PERFECTION.
We really felt that LOVE CONNECTION.

Lies, lies, lies…
That’s all that you could tell.
GUESS WHO came to burst the bubble?
Your secret girlfriend, TROUBLE.

I’m completely BOGGLED.
Just another silent WAR.
You keep saying you’re SORRY.
But I’ve been through this before.

Feelings, feelings, feelings…
Everything has changed.
You have no CLUE how to deal
With the RISK that you’ve engaged.

Watching, watching, watching…
As you drown in misery.
An OPERATION is underway
And now you’re just a MEMORY.

                                                         – Rhonda Farabee

A Rubber Band of Feelings

rubber band

Darkness surrenders
to the pain held within.

frustration suppressed.

Inside my mind
you would be lucky to find
sanity, truth or inspiration at best.

Just another misfit
walking all alone.

I’m not perfect or plastic,
but somehow elastic,
to these feelings peeling at me.

                                           – Rhonda Farabee

The Strenuous Heartbeat

I wish someone would have told me

the things I never knew.

The misheard whispers of the hurt,

and the happiness of few.

Somewhere in the mix of things

my drink was surely served.

Forced down my throat which

caused my wheel of life to swerve.

No one ever told me,

that this is where I’d be.

Struggling to understand

this harsh reality.

When does hiding the truth

become more so a lie?

The gun is still pointing,

you’re just a few bullets shy.

I get the hint.

It hurts just the same.

No matter what I say

the bad still remains.

One more bullet,

the same exact gun.

It’s like Russian roulette,

the tragedy has begun.

                                                   – Rhonda Farabee

Past and Present Reflection

I often feel sad

When I think about the past.

And all the friendships

I lost along the way.

The years flew by

Like seconds in time

And yesterday is now today.

Walking this road

Thats always unknown

Where did everyone go?

Some stayed the same

While others have changed

And some I still don’t know

It’s scary to feel

That all of this is real

And those memories

Are beginning to fade.

Those people I cherished

Have all seem to perish

But I guess thats the trade I made.

Highschool for college,

Gaining new knowledge

Of how to let go of the past

Looking backwards

To the contributing factors

I realize it happened too fast

— Rhonda Farabee


Questionable Integrity


Every so I often,
I find that I lose
Something I have loved
and often abused
Life from the past,
Nebulous Blooms

Mixed intentions
that dig deep within.
Yearnings so discerning
but I cant give in.

If I could just speak
louder than words
Then maybe my feelings
won’t seem so absurd.

Can anyone tell me
that I have a meaning,
A reason for
this creation I’m being?

                                                   — Rhonda Farabee