So…Who Is This Crazy Girl? :)

My name is Rhonda, and I am a student at Youngstown State University. I am a Professional Writing and Editing major, but I admire the art of writing in all forms. Choosing any kind of writing as a career can be a bitter-sweet journey, but it’s worthwhile if you take it in the right direction.

Oddly, I chose Psychology as a minor. I am fascinated with the whole idea of understanding behavior and the complex mind.

I am a musician. I don’t play music because I want the fame that comes along with the rock star life, I play because I feel it. I enjoy the way my body energizes when I hear it, how my soul soars and my heart throbs. Music is the love of my life. I would marry it if possible. I play the drums, have tried my hand at the guitar and occasionally I pick up the keyboard just to see if I can create anything worthwhile. Music has been a passion of mine for many years. I played the clarinet in elementary school and in junior high.

I enjoy games. I like challenges and learning strategies. No, I do not play Dungeons and Dragons or Risk, but I am quite the fan of Mario games, zombie killing games, cards and Rock Band. One of my all time favorite games is the board game Clue, but for some reason no one ever wants to play it.

Lastly, I guess I should tell you that I am creating this blog for fun. I know that as a Professional Writing and Editing major I should take all of this seriously and I do. However, I believe that writing is important and you have to be interested in writing it in order for people to read it. It is my goal to write at least one thing that will interest everyone. What can I say, I have big dreams! Until I can accomplish this goal, I will continue to try for as long as I live.


Rhonda M. Farabee